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By Ralph SeeramThe voice was very excited at the other end of the phone. “Check Caribbean Airlines; they have a US$350 fare to Guyana from Miami”.“There must be some mistake” I replied”. “They (Caribbean Airlines) are never so cheap. Are you sure it is a one-way fare or round trip? Sounds like on- way fare. It is about half of what I pay to fly to Guyana.”“Go check it out for yourself,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys,” my sister Patsy replied. I went immediately to the Iphone.The call came because my relatives are in the midst of making arrangements to travel to Guyana for the wedding of my nephew in June. His fiancée and he have decided to travel to Guyana to get married and hold their reception there. It’s something quite a few of the young folks in the Diaspora are doing. If promoted locally this trend could be a very lucrative foreign exchange earner for Guyana.I have in previous articles criticized Caribbean Airlines for their service to Guyanese. It is the worst airline I have traveled on when it comes to service. I mentioned the terrible food they were serving, dinner comprised of a three-ounce sandwich and another ounce of cookies to make up a grand total of four ounces of food after being in their care for nearly eight hours.This is the airline that showed no respect for Guyanese, humiliating them when they are in transit in Trinidad,Cheap NHL Jerseys, and I am talking from personal experiences. When I wrote my previous article calling for a boycott of Caribbean Airlines, there were literally hundreds of responses from Guyanese relating their terrible experiences with this airline.On one of my trips to Guyana last year, the airline knew before we departed Miami that we will not get our connecting flights from Piarco to arrive in Guyana around 9.30pm. They choose to keep it a secret from the passengers; they made us wait for over five hours in Trinidad without offering us a glass of water, before landing in Guyana around 1.30am.There were parents traveling with small kids; there were also some church workers on a missionary trip to Guyana to do some volunteer work. The sad part for those missionaries was that they traveled from middle America, which meant that they were traveling another five hours before us. They were in no position to call their relatives in the United States or their friends in Guyana to let them know where they were or when they will arrive in Guyana.For four hours there was no word from the airline on the status, and to make matters worse, at that hour of the night,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, there was only one shop available selling food, and the food was cold refrigerated roti.So it was with the past horrible experiences with Caribbean Airlines in mind that I welcomed the news that Suriname Airways was flying from Miami to Guyana.”Yes,” I said to myself, “finally some competition.”A week before I checked the fares for Caribbean Airlines and compared it with Suriname Airlines, Suriname Air was not only cheaper but to my surprise was flying direct from Miami to Guyana,Jerseys Wholesale, a four- hour flight arriving in Guyana at 8.30 pm. This was great, this was very exciting, a straight flight to Guyana without the hassle in Trinidad; just the kind of competition Caribbean Airlines needed.For the added satisfaction, Suriname Airways has been around a very long time so it was no “fly by night” airline. That was very reassuring, even though the flights were only twice a week.After the phone call I went to verify the fares and it was no joke. Caribbean Airlines was offering a roundtrip fare from Miami to Guyana for the unheard fare of USD$349 for the month of June. Nothing like good old fashion competition, I said to myself.Now it was time to do the math. I live in Orlando, an almost four-hour drive to Miami Airport,Cheap NHL Jerseys China, Caribbean Airlines also flies from Orlando, but no cheap fare. The fare from Orlando to Guyana (an eight hour trip) was over USD$600. So back to the Maths. If two and more of us are traveling it would worth traveling to Miami because the savings would be over US$500.Now since I was traveling alone, I have to figure a roundtrip driving of eight hours; I will spend around US$100 in gas,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, toll around US$30, plus parking another US$35 or so.Big decision here, should I go to save a USD$100 or so? Should I go with Suriname Airways, pay a little more and get the satisfaction of traveling with another airline to Guyana? Or should I just pay Caribbean Airlines little over USD$600 from Orlando?  Now Orlando airport is just a 45-minute drive from my home and there are no expenses involved.The prospect of driving eight hours alone did not appeal to my immediate family; the consensus was for me to go from Orlando with Caribbean Airlines. Good Lord, I said to myself, I am stuck with this airline again. To be fair, a friend of mine recently traveled to Trinidad on Caribbean Airlines and told me the food and service have greatly improved.I hope so for their sake, this is their last chance with me, if I am not happy on my next trip for which I have already booked, inconvenience or not I will fly with Suriname Airways the next time.The USD$349 fare made it affordable for my relatives to travel in June; it has induced my parents who are in their eighties to also travel to Guyana,Cheap NFL Jerseys, not that I think it’s a good idea for them. But I must warn Caribbean Airlines, my mother is a no nonsense person. If your service is not “up to scratch” you will get an earful from her. Prepare.Ralph Seeram can be reached at email: [email protected]

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