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In Guyana there was no ball drop, no countdowns, no fireworks and the assembly was not at its largest, but those gathered on the lawns of Guyana Stores tasted of the musical abilities of the US Air ‘Operation Groove’ National Guard band yesterday.A section of the GDF Military Band dishes the Guyana grooves for the US 233rd Independence anniversary yesterday. America observed its 233rd Independence anniversary yesterday and music lovers of all ages were entertained musically by Guyana Defence Force Military and ‘Operation Groove’ US National Guard bands as part of local celebrations.Organised by the United States Embassy, the two military bands entertained pockets of curious onlookers for just over two hours.The local boys in green numbered 15 and though the straight jacket routine seemed the order of the day, they skilfully offered commendable instrumental versions of the patriotic My Guyana El Dorado, the reggae laced She’s Royal and Soca Junkie as well as the Formula medley.They dished out the mostly celebrated musical delights using clarinets, trumpets, trombones, saxophones, euphoniums, bass and drums.Then came the mid-morning musical offerings from the US Operation Groove band that set many toes tapping. Numbering seven strong, they dished out jazzy instrumentals, rock and roll tunes, and soulful renditions with one crossover offering of the Spanish laced Labamba.Though dressed in uniform, the band members tastefully entertained with emotions that appealed to the gathering and caused some to jive, shake and in some cases sing along.The entertainers of that band dished a free spirited jive erupting rendition of ‘Cold Duck’ and followed up with the jazzy ‘Mr Magic’ on saxophone that some dubbed, sweet cruising music.Technical Sergeant, Erin McPherson evoked celebratory applauses for her rendition of “Feeling good” and though new to many, the message “it’s a new dawn, new day and I’m feeling good” brought smiles to the faces of many.The rich vocals of the band members continued with the Mexican American rendition of La Bamba that featured rich Spanish influences and percussions. This was followed by smooth sounding romantic duet “Baby come to me” to which most of the ladies with shopping bags in hand sang along to and some swayed, conservatively so.The group then invited some of the young onlookers to play instruments as extras as they got funky dishing out “Play that funky music white boy.”The beach blast Rock tune, Go Jonny Go was next and feet did tap for this energetic presentation so much so that one of the strings from the rhythm guitar snapped. Technical Sergeant, George Carganilla seemed a pleasant soul with a quiet demeanour, but when it was his time to play, his skills with the saxophone shone through.Most versatile of the lot was Master sergeant, Jerry Lockwood who sang, played the trumpet and led the band. Another eye catcher was Technical sergeant, Daniel Plaster who played the guitar, the trumpet  and sang. Master sergeant,NFL Cheap Jerseys, Scott McPherson kept the beat on the drums.Rolf Olson, US Embassy Public Affairs officer, said that ‘Operation Groove’ was brought to Guyana to celebrate independence. Thursday last, the band played at the Theatre Guild and did the same for the official independence celebrations staged at the ambassador’s residence.

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