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Members of the Joint Opposition are urging the public to carefully file the series of articles that are being published in Kaieteur News called, “The Heist of Guyana.”The full-page column details in a sequential format how Guyana has been “parceled out and handed out to friends and cronies of former President Bharat Jagdeo.”Carl GreenidgeThe series unveils the “rampant corruption, preferential treatment and cronyism that characterized the second term of the Jagdeo administration.”It also explained that it will reveal how almost every major developmental decision was tied to the personal and selfish interests of Jagdeo and his friends and what we have today, is an economy that is controlled by a small group of influential persons with strong ties to the then Jagdeo administration.Members of the Joint Opposition have supported the cause and they are strongly suggesting that members of the public “keep these reports of unbelievably poignant and accurate accounts of the truth which bring to light – The Jagdeo deception.”Former Chairperson of the Public Accounts Committee (PAC), Volda Lawrence, has said, “I believe that the team involved in this process at Kaieteur News is doing an exceptional job. The Publisher Glenn Lall is brave in stepping up to the plate to do this and it is an extremely commendable act and I look forward to it. However, we must not lose sight of what these articles mean. These articles on the heist of Guyana are not only informative, but expose in no uncertain terms, how the Jagdeo regime is trying to control the economy and it is important for the people of Guyana not to be fooled by the  structures being built all over. It is all a deception.  It is upon this background, I am urging members of the public to keep these copies for reference so that they can be armed with the truth.”Carl Greenidge, the Shadow Minister of Finance for the coalition, A Partnership for National Unity, also believes that it is critical that citizens pay attention to the “Heist of Guyana” series.The Member of Parliament said, “It is natural for there to be comments on performance of any Government for they collect our monies and how they spend it, can adversely affect our lives.”“Guyana faces some serious problems of morality and state lawlessness and this makes it imperative that civil society and political parties address the problems which give rise to such behaviour.”“The press has a key role in this regard and as responsible citizens we have to recognize and protect them in this pursuit.”Greenidge asserted that there has been a massive upsurge of corruption under the People’s Progressive Party (PPP).He noted too, that the regime and its reaction to that development, “is special” because almost uniquely in this region, the Government instead of making an effort to bring it down; “works hand in hand with those very criminals once they are prepared to fund the PPP because it sees white and blue collar crime as acceptable just as it sees a Minister having a right to have his wife audit the books of the entities overseen by the Minister.”“Instead of fighting corruption, the Government viciously attacks those who dare to highlight the problem. One of the main features in Guyana which has allowed these phenomena to gain such a foothold is a weak civil society and a consequential inability to force Governments to live by an acceptable standard. Part of that weakness has been reflected in the fact that outcries and complaints about outrageous behavior are raised and quickly forgotten and patterns of behaviours are not traced or brought to the public’s attention in any systematic manner.”“However,Cheap Jerseys, the attempt by Kaieteur News to publish its perception of what is happening under the rubric of “Heist” is most welcomed for its continuity and persistence even in the face of unacceptable Government and PPP retaliation and defamation, and for its investigative work.   I would encourage them to continue which is necessary in defense of our fundamental rights.”

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