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Post Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:42 pm
A number of recent studies have deduced that the young generation of today is not only the most equipped in terms of technology but it could also boast of being the most educated. Despite this evidently notable achievement, it has been concluded too that perhaps many who fall within the ambit of the young generation, are not necessarily taking advantage of their status.This daunting state of affairs is often reflected in behavioural choices and according to Permanent Secretary within the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sport, Alfred King, “What explains that behaviour I can’t be sure.”King was at the time speaking at a recent national youth conference at the Grand Coastal Inn, East Coast Demerara.He said that while one of the Ministry’s priorities includes the provision of supplementary education for young individuals, who would have missed it from the formal setting, crucial moves are also being made to ensure that they are furnished with additional skills.“We provide them with a second opportunity and life skills as well as vocational skills that would help them to do that transition, that we are talking about so much, and seek to make quality choices,” asserted King.To achieve this goal, King said that another crucial priority that the Ministry has embraced is that of parenting and family support, which according to him, caters to an enabling environment for youths where they are nurtured.This move, he said, will also allow for the reinforcement of good behavioural changes. “So while we of course recognise our number one priority as education and training,Jerseys NFL Cheap, we also recognise that we have some work to do as it relates to strengthening the family, family support and by extension the family structure as well,” explained King.And since parenting is recognised as a priority when it comes to the youth work of the Ministry, strategic efforts are being made to utilise this avenue to help youths understand From page 15their role and responsibilities in hopes that they will later transition into responsible adults.This, according to King, will certainly lend to the enabling of good family structures which is linked to stronger communities. “It is said that once there is strong families in communities, there will be strong communities and you will have generally a strong society and so our priorities will also include taking care of issues relating to employment and career choices,” said King.It is for this reason; he noted that efforts will have to be made to use the technologies available to youths to make an impact on them.In fact he disclosed that the intent is to use creative opportunities to make a living as against the traditional approaches. “These days we talk about the new economy and we talk about the creative industry,” asserted King.“How can we use those to impact not only our young people making career choices that would see them being considered as productive citizens; but also how do we use those opportunities available to create industries to continue to educate them.?”He noted that while the link between education and the reinforcement of behavioural changes cannot be clearly explained, it is however possible to explain some of the consequences, at times, that are not compatible with what they do.“So generally the debate here is ‘what do you do using all these opportunities? Through the family, through the education system and through the social media as well as the creative industry for reinforcement…you can make sure there is this transition from knowing to at least applying,” King observed.

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