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Post Tue Apr 17, 2018 7:38 pm

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A year will soon be marked since Donald Ramotar took office as President of Guyana. A year, too, will be marked for the first ever majority opposition in the Parliament.Analysts will be looking at the scorecards of the president,Cheap Jerseys, the ruling party and the combined opposition. How effective have they been in running the affairs of the country and what progress has been made under their leadership?The President’s scorecard must be literally void of any accomplishments as he struggles to find his identity as head of state. No single area of progress can be identified under his leadership. Indeed,Wholesale China Jerseys, no area has even been identified as his major interest, a la,Cheap NFL Jerseys, President Jagdeo’s LCDS.Instead, we have had a President who has struggled to identify with the projects and interests of the former president. From hydroelectricity to road-building, every single project had been undertaken by his predecessor and he seems unable to change course or to make improvements on anything.One can suggest that the former president,China Jerseys, Bharrat  Jagdeo,NFL Jerseys From China, was in a hurry during his final year to ensure that he touched every project and started every possible area of development so that the new president would have nothing new to build.While one may not expect the new president to create new areas or projects, one can surely expect that he would have found his identity and abolish some of the projects started by his predecessor which seem to be mired in deep corruption.Appointments to various public boards continue to flout logic while decisions on public use of funds are sometimes a slap in the face of decency. Sugar continues to fail, Natural resources remain natural, roads continue to be poorly built and the economy continues to be propped up by the moneys washed into the housing drive.The Chinese have their hand in every project. We have no problems with the Chinese per se, but the quality makes a mockery of the Government. Those close to Government circles continue to get the contracts and positions while the decisions by Cabinet range from illegal to ridiculous, like in the case of the textbooks piracy.While there is some growth in the private sector due to the turnover of money within itself,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, there is hardly any improvement in the overall scheme of things. New and Small businesses continue to be burdened by the bureaucracy of the poor systems in place, the GRA and other public offices continue to baffle the mind with their obvious corruption, the large private companies continue to ship their moneys out of the country and the general public sector is sinking into a deeper morass of corruption and lethargy.President Donald Ramotar needs to get off his chair and become proactive lest he be branded the lamest and most ineffective president of the hemisphere.We are not amused!

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