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ALBION,Cheap Jerseys, CORENTYNE – Twenty-three-year-old Heera Bachan of Good Faith, Mahaicony,Cheap China Jerseys, was placed on $500,000 bail when he appeared at the Albion Magistrate’s Court yesterday before Magistrate Chandra Sohan.The sales representative of the Mahaicony Rice Mills was charged after he allegedly gave false information to ranks at the Fort Wellington Police Station on Friday.The man allegedly told police ranks that he was robbed when this was not the case.The matter was reported on Friday at about 15:15 hours to the Fort Wellington Police Station when Bachan allegedly told police ranks that he withdrew some money–$1.34 million– for the company from the Rosignol branch of the Republic Bank.He reportedly informed them that he placed the cash in a haversack and left it under the front seat of his motor car,Jerseys NFL Wholesale, PHH 6344. He said that he proceeded to Bush Lot, West Coast Berbice and stopped in front of a restaurant to buy a bottle of water.He added that he locked the car and then two men who were in a blue pick-up stopped and held him at knife point. He also told police that the two men forcefully opened his car door with a crow bar and removed the money from under the driver’s seat and then went to their vehicle and sped away.This was supposed to have happened at about 14:00 and the matter was reported about 90 minutes later.Police ranks visited the scene and eventually found the haversack at Cottage Public Road on the West Coast of Berbice. It was said to be empty.After the interrogation on Friday, the man was sent away but the ranks continued their investigation since there were several unanswered questions.On Saturday they rearrested him based on new evidence uncovered. After grilling him,China Jerseys, he admitted that he was not robbed and that he went into a Chinese restaurant and left the money in the car. He said that he purchased and consumed some food. He claimed that he spent about half an hour in the restaurant and when he returned to the car he discovered the money missing.The man claimed that he called a senior official of the company for which he works who,Jerseys NFL Cheap, he told police, said to him that the money was insured and that he must say he was robbed so that they can claim the insurance money.The said senior official turned up on Monday at the Fort Wellington Police Station and denied any involvement in the matter. He was not detained.During the course of the information,Sale NFL Jerseys, the police arrested several persons.

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