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A 23-year-old miner,Marshall Faulk Rams Jersey, who was formerly a Second Lieutenant in the Guyana Defence Force (GDF), is alleging that he was badly beaten by ranks stationed at Lethem, including a senior officer, on Sunday last. The assault reportedlyMelvin Shewprasadbegan at a night spot in Tabatinga.He received severe injuries to his head, face and could barely manage to see through his left eye.The GDF has since sent a team to the area to investigate the report made,Lynn Swann Steelers Jersey, but thus far no one has been arrested or charged in connection with the matter.Melvin Shewprasad in his account of what happened said that he was contacted by the senior officer, who requested to borrow money,Steve Grogan Patriots Jersey, which he declined to do.Shewprasad said the man became annoyed after he had expressed that “the only time you does call me is when you want money”. The conversation ended.The gold miner alleges that during the wee hours of Sunday morning at the night spot,, he approached the officer in a friendly manner but was greeted with an offensive retort. He said that the man accused him of getting disrespectful,Ra Shede Hageman Falcons Jersey, to which he replied “Because I didn’t lend you money I am getting disrespectful?”The angry officer told Shewprasad to “move from in front my face.” Shewprasad said that he continued to enquire if not lending the money was the cause for the man’s unfriendly responses.“Move out from in front my face before I lash you,” the man reportedly shouted, to which Shewprasad said he responded “seriously”.It was then that the assault began. Shewprasad said the officer struck him to the head with a Guinness bottle from which he was consuming, causing him to fall to the ground and momentarily lose consciousness.Bleeding from the left eye, Shewprasad said he was rescued by “an Amerindian woman who I know”.He said after he regained consciousness the woman had indicated that she had called a taxi; however the taxi took quite some time to arrive. While outside the club, the injured man, who was still on the ground bleeding profusely,DeMarre Carroll Raptors Jersey, was attacked for a second time by the officer.“I managed to pull out from that.” He said the woman once again rescued him.On their way to a nearby yard where a taxi driver resides,Adam Lind Jersey, the man who was being held upright by the woman, was stopped by an army vehicle.Shewprasad told this publication that a soldier (name given) came out the vehicle and started beating him.“He lashed me against my left shoulder with a metal object. I fell to the ground and started feeling kicks and cuffs about my body causing me to lose consciousness.”Shewprasad was subsequently rushed to the Lethem Hospital where he later regained consciousness.”It was only after regaining awareness that he was told by the woman who repeatedly came to his assistance that the assault ceased when another woman threw herself upon him as a shield.The victim was still in a state of shock because he said that he and the officer were good friends. He disclosed that despite the fact that he was no longer in the army he would usually go over at the army base to play sports and the alleged assailant would even seek advice from him.Shewprasad claims that the officer visited him at the hospital in an attempt to make peace,Gerald Everett Jersey, but he gave him the cold shoulder.“He said to me he’s sorry for what he’s done and if I need anything I should call him. I didn’t say anything to him.”Shewprasad said that the Police took his statement at the Lethem Hospital, and the following day he went to the Lethem Police Station to make a follow-up statement.The man also refuted reports by other media entities that he was dishonourably discharged by the GDF and that he had a criminal charge before the court. “I never had a criminal charge.” He said that he was Absent Without Leave (AWOL) and was placed under close arrest for doing so; however he was never charged as the GDF discharged him via “Struck off Strength” in the interest of the Force.Shewprasad enlisted in the GDF in April 10, 2010 and was discharged on September 01, 2014.He is currently at his Meten–Meer–Zorg,Jesse Lingard Jersey UK, West Coast Demerara residence recovering from the assault.

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