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…amidst criticisms of judiciary from President The Leonora Magistrate’s Court on the West Coast of Demerara was yesterday recommissioned after being in construction for some time now. A ribbon-cutting ceremony was held to reopen the court and saw in attendance several high level officials, including President Donald Ramotar, acting Chancellor of the Judiciary Carl Singh, Attorney General Anil Nandlall, Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry and other magistrates.  The building was officiated over by religious leaders of theThe recommissioned Leonora Magistrate’s Court.Christian,, Hindu and Islamic faiths respectively.President Ramotar in addressing the gathering for the recommissioning of the Court said that it falls within the concept of government to improve the quality of life in the country, hence the reason why they have made the necessary efforts to have more Courts across the country.He said that it is very important to provide these facilities to increase equal access for everyone in the service of the Court and stressed that the government spends millions of dollars in legal aid,, so that persons who cannot afford to seek and pay for legal counsel could still have an equal opportunity within the Justice system.The President articulated that timely dispensation of Justice is also very important.“I have known cases… and we have talked about this time and time again… about cases lying in the courts far too long and many,Cheap Jerseys China, many cases not being heard…It’s almost painful when people are proven innocent eventually but would’ve spent a long time in incarceration because of the length of time that it would take for persons to get their cases heard.”According to Ramotar, at the level of the Government, there was unanimity in Parliament in passing a motion giving authority to the judicial commission to take steps to ensure that cases and verdicts are given on time and that people have their cases written up on time.“So we have done our part, but it is for the judicial commission to enforce and to try to ensure that we have a more timely dispensation of Justices and Judges writing up their cases, because these things have different kinds of spin-offs and effects.”The President expounded that separation of powers and autonomy of the judiciary is paramount and they will continue to respect it and will never attempt to influence the judiciary in the discharge of its functions. However, he said that the government (Executive) reserves the right to make fair and constructive criticisms.Ramotar added that it should not be misconstrued, but whenever criticisms are made, they are aimed and directed at ensuring the deliverance of justice in a timely and impartial manner to the state and its people. The judiciary, he said,, should understand the important role it plays, and when decisions are not made in a timely manner they will have a devastating impact on the sector.The President further expounded that the state remains a most important stakeholder. He emphasised that many large transformational,, capital intensive projects are affected and some even halted by litigation.“I sometimes believe that some people go to the Court to use it as an instrument to slow things down, and this is unacceptable. Therefore the timely delivery of decisions,Wholesale Jerseys, even if they are wrong, is imperative, so that at least those decisions can be quickly challenged by the appellate process. My personal feeling is that before giving sometimes these tail orders,, the people should be heard. We know of a recent case where we saw again an attempt was being made to slow down progress in our country by trying to resort to the Courts.”The Head of State said that equal accesses to the justice system is very important, he said that facilities similar to the Leonora court are being developed across the country because of the need to quicken the dispensation of justice to people everywhere so that their lives are not put on hold by cases that are in court.More so, Ramotar said as it relates to business,, developmental programmes and everyone in general, justice should be as swift as possible,, because that is their entitlement and the reason why the facility was commissionedPresident Ramotar charged those magistrates and other persons who will be working in the recommissioned building to be more productive and that more cases should be heard.

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