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A newly wedded couple is currently nursing injuries to their faces and about their bodies after bandits riddled the bride’s maternal home with empty beer bottles, during an ‘after-wedding’ family get-together last Monday night.But the bride’s uncle, her brother, and two cousins ended up in the lock-ups, after the lone captured bandit, claimed that he was chased down and beaten.The Samaroo family of Lot 34 South Section Canal #2 Polder, West Bank Demerara is however,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, maintaining that while they did chase down their attackers, they had nothing to do with the man’s injuries.The family is claiming that they were unable to get to the man until after the police came, since he jumped into the nearby canal. His three other accomplices made good their escape.The Canal #2 Polder residence that came under attack.According to the family, they were “drinking and gaffing” downstairs at about 23:30hrs when they noticed four men attempting to jump their front fence.“So much awe went downstairs and these people still had the nerve to try and jump the fence. After we see them trying to come into the yard, we holler, and dem boys start run to the gate to stop them from coming in. Like they get frighten, so as them go fuh run, they pick up some beer bottles from awe garbage outside, and dem start pelting it pon we. Me daughter get cut up and had to get stitches and so. She husband get a bottle to he face and it buss up,” the bride’s mother related.The woman added that after the men made a run for it, an alarm was raised, and neighbours began chasing them. One of the fleeing bandits jumped into the nearby canal and according to the family,NFL Jerseys Supply, he was later pulled out by the police with visible injuries. His face was covered in blood, the residents recalled.They explained that after he was pulled to safety, the bandit started calling out the names of his accomplices.They also told this newspaper that the police reportedly admitted to knowing the others, but did not attempt to pursue them.Instead,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, the residents said that the police ranks on the scene requested that the bride’s uncle Sookraj Samaroo immediately visit the Wales Police Station to give a statement on the night’s incident.Samaroo, who was under the influence of alcohol, was therefore accompanied to the police station by his two sons and his nephew,China Jerseys Wholesale, the bride’s brother.At the police station, all four of them were arrested for allegedly beating the bandit, who is currently a patient at the West Demerara Regional Hospital.The man’s relatives subsequently visited the police station, and related that their relatives were tied up with “big, big chains around their hands, foot, and necks”.“The police saying that they can only loose them if the bandit comes out okay. But my thing is that these boys didn’t even touch this man, so why they got to be in there wrap up in chains like they killed somebody? this is so unfair that it is almost unbelievable,” Samaroo’s sister told Kaieteur News.The men were subsequently released on $5000 bail each. Relatives are doubtful that a proper investigation will be carried out, since they believe that the bandits have close links with the police.Neighbours who gathered at the family’s house were also very angry. They felt that bandits are being given more preference than the victims of crimes.Kaieteur News understands that there has been a spate of robberies in the area over recent months, but no one has ever been arrested for them.“When bandits go in and kill two, three people in one house, the police don’t find anybody to arrest. But let we beat up a robber nah, you gon hear how much human rights talks gon come up. We ain’t saying to beat and kill them, but if the police is never there for we, we got to protect awe selves. Awe didn’t beat that man, but we probably would have. The main thing is that we didn’t though. The police ain’t care about the people in the house who get pelt up in them face and so with bottle, they only looking at the one bandit who injured just because he stupid, and jumped into the dark,Cheap Jerseys Online, dark canal” one neighbour said.Out of fear, the overseas based bride and groom have since shifted to the city.“This is the same reason why people don’t want to come back to this country…it really sad…it’s unfair. This country getting from bad to worse,” one neighbour said.The family is currently in the process of seeking the advice of a Lawyer.“The worst things can happen to people in this area, but the only  way you gon get the police to come, is if you pay them. Nuff time people does got to drive go to Wales and beg and transport them officers here with we vehicles,” another neighbour told Kaieteur News.Collectively, the residents of Canal #2 are also calling for the establishment of a police outpost in the area, as crimes are becoming more and more prevalent,Wholesale Adidas Hockey Jerseys, with nobody getting justice.

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