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There is a old saying ‘Save thy soul and let thy brother go astray’. If you nah do that you gun find yuhself in a barrel full of rotten apples.Jagdeo mek Guyana a country wid a pack of thieves from top to bottom. But not everybody is a thief.  Man,Jerseys NFL China, woman and even de in betweens like Kwame, Sonny, Moe and De Raj. De last three got plane and Kwame got to go plane wood at Monkey Mountain.And all this thiefing got to clean up and de Donald got fuh do am. Dem boys want fuh tell he in simple message, you got to tek charge and mek a name fuh yuhself.When you surround yuhself wid doo doo you definitely can’t smell like Calvin Klein. You will smell like doo doo because it gun rub off pun you.  De nation want tell him that he nah got de smell yet and he know how it smell because he laugh at Freddie. He got fuh let loose, he got fuh run.Dem boys seh that Jagdeo, Rob Earth and Irfaat—dem li’l boy – done destroy de PPP and he can’t save it wid dem around. Donald got fuh shut he eye,Cheap NFL Jerseys Stitched, shut he mouth, open he ears and go out pun de road and listen to wha de people got fuh tell am.De first thing dem boys know he gun hear is that de image can’t be repaired. Dem li’l boy bruck it up.Dem boys want tell Uncle Donald,China Jerseys Authentic, “Boy, you can’t ketch a falling dagger wid you bare hand.” De falling dagger got nuff people. Is Jagdeo, Bobby,Wholesale Jerseys China, Brazzy, Rob Earth, Irfaat and de Bees–de Boyah, Brians,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, and of course Gerry. Now Fuzzy join in. He bin a thief lang but he use to thief li’l bit.Bobby,Cheap Jerseys Free, Brazzy and Jaggy bin a thief all dem life. That is wha mek dem de richest in this region. And dem boys can prove that. Not even Beharry, Gafoor, Banks and DDL together can match dem chaps money.Dem boys know that dem got money to match dem small island treasury.Talk half and lef Uncle Donald fuh ask dem back fuh de other half.

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