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– Many workers do not wear protective garmentsMany persons involved in the waste management sector do not wear protectiveMedical waste is dumped at the landfill sitegarments- putting themselves at risk of contracting dangerous and sometimes incurable diseases.This is according to the Principal Environmental Health Officer, George Watikins, of the Health Ministry’s Environmental Health Unit.The utilisation of personal protective equipment is integral for workers’ safety in the waste management sector since they come into contact with hazardous waste- including needles- almost daily.However, the official said, many workers are reluctant to wear protective garments including safety boots and gloves, claiming frivolous reasons such as discomfort. “This puts them at risk”,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Watikins said.The official is now urging everyone who works in the waste management sector,Wholesale Jerseys China, either health workers or garbage collectors, should be vaccinated for Hepatitis B,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, which is an incurable disease. Watikins explained that a person may contract Hepatitis B if cut or injected with infectious sharp points like needles.To ensure the safe disposal of medical or hazardous waste,NFL Jerseys China, the Ministry is currently developing a Medial Waste Policy. It is being developed by an Inter-Agency Committee comprising several organisations including Guyana Safe Injection Project, Pan American Health Organisation and the Mayor and City Council. The policy, when implemented, would see the effective management of medical waste.Though, the Ministry has not identified specific risks, the policy would see the elimination of potential risks to the Guyanese population. Watikins emphasised that health workers attached to the Environmental Health Unit inspect health buildings in the Regions throughout the year. They also team-up with officers of the Health Facilities Licensing Group to inspect health facilities at year-end to check for compliance with safety conditions.He added that the Ministry collaborates with other agencies such as Guyana Safe Injection Project, Pan American Health Organisation to provide training and education for all stakeholders in the medical waste management. This collaborative venture also sees the construction of incinerators for proper disposal of hazardous waste.According to Dylon Rachpaul,Cheap Jeseys NFL, Safety Health Officer Georgetown Public Hospital Corporation,Cheap Jerseys USA, the disposal of medical waste is a major concern to all stakeholders. The construction and installation of GPHC’s Hydroclave Sterilisation System is a major achievement in this regard.He noted that the sterilisation of infectious waste before being dumped at the landfill site by the Mayor and City Council, prevents waste management workers or ‘junkies’ who come into contact with those materials from being infected.Rachpaul recounted that last year, several syringes were discovered on Thomas Street which if that had gotten into the wrong hands may have become a risk for citizens.

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