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Post Tue Jun 20, 2017 1:28 am
Repairs to the Bourda Market to boost security have slowed to some extent as a result of the Municipality’s inability to procure certain materials on schedule.This newspaper understands that in order to protect vendors from criminal elements who have on repeated occasions invaded and pilfered from stallholders, the Mayor and City Council of Georgetown has been working towards effecting repairs. Among the works to be carried out is the repair to the market fence.However,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, there has been a delay in the works,Cheap Sports Jerseys, which is due to the lack of expanding metals required for the fence.Clerk of Markets,Cheap Jerseys From China, Schulder Griffith, said that while he is not aware when the materials will arrive he has been advised that the city engineer has ordered them. He added, too, that the works would continue as soon as the materials are available,Jerseys Cheap NFL, even as he pointed to the fact that the fence is currently not in an acceptable state.Temporary works have been undertaken to ensure some measure of security in the meantime, Griffith said.The city official disclosed earlier this year that in order to ensure that the market will operate more optimally this year the plans were streamlined to renovate various sections of the various markets.He said, too,Cheap Jerseys From China, that other security measures such as the installation of lights have been ongoing at the market.Griffith said that more than 70 lighting fixtures have already been installed at the market to help boost the security of the facility.Additional works, he said, include the installation of a number of standpipes in the market and in Bourda Green.All of the ongoing ventures have been engaged as part of the Municipality’s budgeted improvement plans for the city facilities. The works are also focused on fixing the leaky roofs and deteriorating walls, Griffith said.The works are also geared at boosting the confidence of vendors who were recently requested to pay a small increase for the rental of their stalls.Initially, the vendors were opposed to the increase in fees but according to the Clerk of Markets they have since accepted the move, adding that some have already made their monthly payments without complaint.The market has the capability of generating more money if the basic things are kept up to standard.Plans are also apace to effect works at Merriman’s Mall,NFL Jerseys Outlet, Griffith said, pointing out lights and bridges are among the priority for this facility.

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