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–    Suspect at largeA 37-year-old fisherman and labourer of Edinburgh Village, East Bank Berbice, brutally chopped his wife, a mother of four, during a row on Monday last, over suspected infidelity.The man, Narinedatt Ramnarine called ‘Naresh’ severely wounded 33-year-old Kowsilla Ramnarine called ‘Jenny’, who is now awaiting crucial surgery on her left shoulder and right arm at the New Amsterdam Hospital.The victim fears that she would not be able to regain use of either hand but is hoping for the best.Her son,Wholesale Jerseys 2018, Neranjan Ramnarine, 16, who was at the Second Street, Edinburgh home around 18:30 hrs on Monday when the incident occurred, related that his parents started to argue shortly after his father arrived home. The argument was based on allegations of the boy’s mother having an affair.Kowsilla ‘Jenny’ Ramnarine in hospitalRamnarine proceeded to destroy the woman’s cell phone in her presence while downstairs. The boy then stated that suddenly his father pulled out a cutlass and chopped her to the shoulder.“It happened so quickly,” he said. “She didn’t see it coming and when he go to chop her the second time, she holler. I was watching TV along with my other two siblings, Dhanraj, 5, and Melissa, 3.”The second chop was done to the woman’s right hand.”I pelt a wood and lash away the cutlass or he was going to chop her on her face—but it chopped her on her lip”, the teen related. The man then rushed out of the yard and escaped, while the boy rushed to his mother’s aid. The woman was rushed to hospital while cops searched the canefields and Edinburgh backlands for the alleged perpetrator.Neranjan related that his mother has endured gruesome years of domestic violence and claims that there are several reports against the man at the Central Police Station. While the woman has been physically abused many times before, this is the first time it has escalated to such an extent. He also stated that his father,Cheap Jerseys USA, on numerous occasions tried to commit suicide.“He picked up weapon to chop her but I locked her inside the house with me and the police caught him red-handed with a pitchfork trying to kill her”. He usually picks up forks, cutlass,Wholesale Jerseys USA, wood, pipe—everything, to just get into the house—break up the front door and grill when he cannot get the keys”, the boy stated.“A time,wholesale jerseys, he run us out the house and my mom visited the police station at 4 a.m. and no police was there—he run us out to chop her”, the boy claimed. “She told me in the hospital that when the police catch him, they should charge him because her life won’t be in peace”, he said.The woman’s 18-year-old daughter, Toshinie,  said that “he like to drink and make problems—when he drink he rum, he will cuss me and when he don’t see me he will cuss my other siblings”, she stated.When Kaieteur News visited the woman at the N A Hospital yesterday,Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic, she was being questioned by a detective at her bedside. She related to this newspaper that the chop in her right hand had gone through to the bone and that she is in a lot of pain, in her shoulder as well.According to Narinedatt Ramnarine’s mother, 70-year-old Sancharia Ramdeen, the two,Wholesale Jerseys, have been together for 20 years and started having problems since last December. They live in the lower flat of Ramdeen’s home.The woman claims that the “issues” began after her daughter-in law began having an affair with a former friend of her husband and as word started to spread, her son began drinking heavily and became an alcoholic. She alleged the chopping was reportedly triggered when Jenny, whom she says was under the influence of alcohol, told Naresh on Monday afternoon that she was “going to meet my man”. A heated argument ensued and Naresh attacked her.The man’s mother said he had tried several times before to commit suicide and she is not expecting to find him alive since he took with him a piece of rope and a cutlass and left for the backdam.The pensioner claimed that ‘Jenny’ is also an alcoholic, and has been in the habit of verbally abusing her since she asked her to move out from her home, when she had learnt of the infidelity.  The abuse, she claimed, made her leave her home and spend long periods of time with her daughter at Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara. She said persons working in the backdam would often meet her and complain of seeing her daughter-in-law with the alleged partner in compromising positions, but she knew of her son’s temper and chose not to tell him, however, he still heard from other friends.Up to press time, police in Berbice were still seeking the alleged perpetrator.

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