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When dem launch de One Laptop Per Family programme dem boys try fuh tell dem that de programme got teeth. Bharrat cuss de Waterfalls paper and he claim that he got everything under control. Now word come out that people thief more than 100 of de computers.Of course dem boys know that de computers didn’t deh at de Waterfalls boss man house and dem didn’t deh wheh Uncle Adam live. BB Kwame did put up photo of dem two house and he claim that dem house had 5,Cheap NFL Jerseys China,000 laptop apiece.Now dem boys know that he only do that fuh set up de thiefing. He know that once he point people in de wrong direction then he friends gun know de right place and thief de computers.Dem boys want to know how this happen. All dem government place got guards and no guard ain’t report nutten. That mean that de people who wukking deh thief de computers. Dem fetch dem out when dem was going home.But before that people been thiefing de computers. Who didn’t thief wait till dem get de computer and sell dem.De police claim how dem ain’t arrest nobody but dem can find de people. All de computers got a number that can identify dem. Every computer got a unique number. If de government really monitoring dem computer dem can track all wha get thief. But dem boys know that dem ain’t got no intention because is thiefing among de family.Dem boys seh that is everybody thiefing. Dem following in de footsteps of de Bees. De sad thing is that de people responsible and who know all who had access to dem computer keeping it a secret. Is sad that de people had to pay fuh dem same computers.But Bharrat would tell de nation that dem wha get thief is wha come as gift suh is not taxpayers’ money. He got plaster fuh every sore.Talk half and wait fuh more thiefing.

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