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–    call for treason accused to be pardonedYesterday, social activist Mark Benschop, columnist Freddie Kissoon and Trade Unionist Norris Witter picketed the Office of the President,Jerseys Wholesale, calling on newly elected president, Donald Ramotar,Cheap Jerseys, to pardon Bruce Munroe, his wife Carol Ann Munroe and Leonard Wharton,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the three persons charged with treason.Benschop in an interview with this publication said this (the treason charge) is a clear case of people’s basic human being violated. Benschop reflected that having also been a treason accused, he knows what it’s like to be languishing in jail and having a family.From right: Social Activist Mark Benschop, Columnist Freddie Kissoon and Trade Unionist Norris Witter picketing outside the Office of the President“Now we have a minority government and two opposition parties which control parliament, and they need to look into this matter. These people have been locked up for more than a year and the preliminary inquiry is not yet completed,” Benschop pointed out.He opined that there was never sufficient evidence to institute a charge.“The Preliminary Inquiry is being prolonged. We expect that the President will look into this matter since we deem this as an act of political victimization. We are calling on the minority president to ensure that he demonstrates to the public that he is about change and he is a man who wants to see change and he can do so by pardoning these people,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic,” Benschop asserted.Referring to his own experience, Benschop said it was not easy for him as a man, more so for a woman, who has been forced to give up her teaching career and family. Further he said it is very surprising that the Opposition Parties have been silent on the matter. However Benschop noted that both opposition parties will be seeking to have the matter addressed during their next meeting.Meanwhile, Columnist Freddie Kissoon stressed that they will not sit by and see people’s fundamental rights being trampled upon,Cheap Jerseys, while the president has the power to do something about the situation.Kissoon said he has been given all assurances by Dr. Rupert Roopnaraine that the matter will be looked at with urgency.“We are asking the majority opposition to table a resolution this month calling on Ramotar to use a constitutional mandate to pardon these people and to do it as soon as the resolution is passed in parliament,” Kissoon stated.Major Bruce Munroe,Cheap Jerseys Paypal, his wife Carol-Ann Munroe, and reserve officer Leonard Wharton, are currently before Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, having being charged with treason. Their matter will be called again tomorrow.

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