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… at issue is missing gold from mining camp Ubert English,NFL Jerseys From China, 30,China Jerseys Wholesale, of Port Kaituma is among a group of 12 persons who were alleged physically abused by police officers from the Port Kaituma Police Station.English,Cheap NFL Jerseys, the General Manager of the Macaw Mining camp also located at Port Kaituma,Cheap Stitched Jerseys, told this publication yesterday that last Wednesday evening upon arriving back from a meeting with a customer he discovered that the mining camp was ransacked and a large quantity of gold was discovered missing.He added that upon making the discovery he alerted his co-workers. The police were also informed. English said that the police arrived on Friday June 22 and they were all taken to the police station for statements.He said that they were placed in the lockups after giving their statements and on Saturday the police began beating them. He added that the police officers also made attempts to hang them by handcuffing them and taking ropes and trying to pull them up to the ceiling in the police station.English said black pepper was also poured in black plastic bags and placed over their heads.The disgruntled miner said that the proprietor of the mining camp whose name was given as Mr. Yoyo Stull is currently out of country and the operation is being spearheaded by his nephew.This publication understands that the men were taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital yesterday for treatment and were then taken back to the lock ups.The relatives of these miners are calling on the relevant authorities for assistance since they are unable to get their family members out of the lock ups. They have been incarcerated since last Saturday.One relative told this publication that they have tried all means to get their family members out,Cheap Jerseys From China, but all proved futile. This was compounded by the fact that there is no lawyer available in the district.

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