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Post Thu Jul 12, 2018 8:13 pm
(By Mondale Smith)“Boys will be boys, but there is no sex ring in Guyhoc and certainly not at my house. My son and his 14-year-old girlfriend was watching TV next door when the police came and arrested them,” says an irate Susan Peters,Cheap Adidas NHL Jerseys, of Q78 Guyhoc Park.On Tuesday last the police, in response to reports of under aged schools girls being locked in a house with boys,Wholesale NFL Jerseys, swooped down on the Guyhoc apartment and arrested five teens including girls aged 12, 13 and 19.Over all, five were taken to the East La Penitence Police Station. The officer in charge met with the teenagers and their parents as well as some teachers from a city secondary school. In the end the five were released without being charged while Bull, a Governemnt Technical Institute student and his 14-year-old are required to report to the police station before and after school each day.The teen identified as Bull is said to be 16 and not 19 as was reported.The Guyhoc Park house where the teen was arrested His mother said that during the meeting it was agreed that the matter has been resolved. The mother of the 14-year-old did not want her daughter to be sent to the New Opportunity Corps, they told the police.Peters said that she was told by the officer in charge that no charges can be laid against her son,Jerseys NFL Cheap, as his girlfriend was already sexually active and with the full knowledge of her mother. The police failed to consider the age of the girl.Neighbours reported that the house was frequented by girls in school uniform but Ms Peters refuted these claims and lashed out at one particular neighbour as being vindictive. “My son is sixteen and the girl is fourteen. Boys will be boys and they were next door but they did not have sex; they were going to,Cheap Jerseys From China,” the woman said.Peters, a mother of four, recalling the incident on June 22, said that she was at home with her husband when the police vehicle was heard in the street. Upon opening her door to investigate the commotion, she said that a female police rank enquired about underage schoolgirls being in her home with men.She said that she responded in the negative and her invitation for the ranks to check her home was turned down.She said that she subsequently learnt that her 16-year-old son, Bull,nfl jerseys china, was in the house next door with his girlfriend,Cheap NFL Jerseys, a schoolgirl whom she had never met. She said that the police then went to the adjoining apartment and began knocking but got no answer.She said she did see two other youngsters sitting on the fence and she enquired if anyone was in the other apartment but they had no knowledge of who was in there. It was subsequently established that the other two boys did enter the house but did not stay long.After a while,NFL Jerseys From China, Peters said that she saw the woman police rank accompanying the two to the police vehicle and they were taken to the East la Penitence police station.When the police-in-charge asked the mother what she wanted done with the matter, the mother advised that she did not want her to be sent to the NOC and that the matter should be put to rest as she is aware that her daughter is sexually active.Peters said, “The girl and Bull did not have sex because the police came and interrupt them.”She said she brought up her children in a proper way but noted that Bull is just a bit wicked which is expected from a boy child.The young man does not have a key to the next-door apartment but was allowed access to the apartment “to relax with his friend” by the girl next door who subsequently left them alone at home, she said.Teachers at the city school said that the teenaged girl is being influenced by negative friends and recommendations are that she be sent to the NOC in her best interest. But the teen’s foster father is opposed to the idea, as he does not believe that the teen is ready to attend NOC.Reports are that the teen was constantly harassed by her peers after she was found in a compromising act at the institution with a male student.A senior police source said nothing more can be done about the matter.

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