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17 June is Climate Diplomacy Day. Meeting the challenge of global climate change and its actual and potential disastrous consequences is a critical issue for the entire globe. Climate change is one of the European Union’s key priorities and theAmbassador Robert Kopecký,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, Delegation of the EU in GuyanaEU is one of the world’s strongest proponents of ambitious global climate actions.2015 is a crucial year for the climate as the international community prepares to adopt a new global climate deal in Paris this December. All countries are expected to come forward with their emissions reduction contributions well in advance of the Paris conference to enable us to jointly design and agree a robust and dynamic deal capable of keeping the global temperature rise below 2°C.All countries in the world will have to play their part in ensuring that a fair,Wholesale Authentic Jerseys, ambitious and legally binding international agreement can be reached in Paris. We can accomplish much more together than we can individually – nowhere is this clearer than in the area of climate change.This agreement needs to respond to today’s reality and be fit for the future.  Contributions from all countries need to be as ambitious as possible given all our responsibilities and capabilities.In this regard,Jerseys NFL Cheap, the EU has already shown strong leadership with EU leaders agreeing on a binding target of at least 40% emissions reduction in greenhouse gases by 2030.The EU is a world-leading contributor of climate finance to developing countries – the urgency of the climate change challenge means that significant financial resources will continue to play a key role in promoting action both to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and adapt to the consequences of climate change within the broader context of sustainable development.It is clear that the Paris deal must also deliver on challenges other than reducing emissions. We need to be ready to support those most vulnerable to climate change and with least means to cope with its negative consequences. We also need to secure relevant provisions to increase cooperation in the area of adapting to climate change.The EU is fully committed to doing its part and counts on the continued cooperation and collaboration of its international partners,Cheap NFL Jerseys China, including Guyana,Wholesale China Jerseys, to reach a successful conclusion in Paris.Climate change is a particularly important issue for Guyana and the Caribbean region,Cheap NFL Jerseys, and I urge Guyana to follow the EU’s lead by intensifying their domestic preparations to put their intended emissions reduction contribution forward as soon as possible. This will be important to build confidence among all that the Paris agreement can deliver what is needed.Only a critical mass of ambitious contributions as early as possible will demonstrate the seriousness of our collective efforts. Timely delivery of each country’s contributions is vital for the credibility of the negotiations demonstrating political willingness of all to act on climate change.An effective deal in Paris will not be credible if only a few have proven their resolve to act in future.  This is a historic opportunity we cannot afford to miss.

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