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On Wednesday, Mayor Hamilton Green, convened a special meeting on the restoration of City Hall. At that session, which a number of well known engineers including Bert Carter, Berkley Wickham,Cheap NBA Store, George Jardim, Bobby Hussein,Cheap Jerseys From China Outlet, and Guyana’s Cultural Icon Eddy Grant attended, the Mayor said that he wanted to focus on restoration and not rehabilitation of the building.The City HallHe noted that over the years, he had tried to persuade the Council to move forward with a plan to restore the building but that there were and are some technical difficulties associated with such restorative works.He said that a few years ago,Cheap Jerseys China, he had approached the Cubans and the Venezuelans for assistance but certain changed and changing circumstances delayed such support.He observed that a cursory look at City Hall will reveal that it is collapsing, and that he was aiming at developing a new system and a way of thinking that will identify the way forward to attain the objective of restoring City Hall.Deputy Mayor,Cheap NBA Jerseys China, Patricia Chase-Green, who was present along with other councilors and city officials and representatives of the National Trust, said that, the meeting was an important one, and that it brought together a diverse group of qualified and very knowledgeable individuals, who have an interest in the effort of the municipality to restore City Hall.Mr. Bert Carter said that from his quick observation of the building,Wholesale China Jerseys, its foundation seems to be intact but that the Council needed to move forward urgently to begin the process of restoration.Mr. Eddy Grant expressed a passionate concern for the restoration works to protect the cultural and architectural integrity of City Hall. He suggested that the Council put in place an education system that will provide knowledge of local woods and other building materials and the various applications for which these can be used, particularly as it relates to buildings of historical and cultural significance, to our young people.  He expressed the view that the works must preserve the spirit and grace, which was imbued in it by those who worked to design and construct it in 1889.The meeting concluded with an understanding that the City Engineer’s Department will furnish the team with all information including drawings, photographs and other materials on City Hall.Another meeting will be convened next Wednesday,Wholesale Nike NFL Jerseys, to appoint a special technical committee, to begin the work of putting together a credible and useable document on the building.

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