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Millions of dollars are reportedly missing from the coffers of NCN Berbice operations as investigations continue into the operation of the entity which until recently was being controlled by fired PPP/C Member ofFaizal Jaffarally and Hydar AllyParliament Fizal Jaffarally.According to an insider, the books are in a mess and no proper records were kept. Most of the money is owed by the PPP civic.Jaffarally, who was unqualified for the job and was the head of the entity since 2003, on Friday, had his services terminated with immediate effect.The man in trying to defend his position to grant the PPP unlimited and unaccounted usage of the NCN services stated that he had to give in. However,Authentic Jerseys China, he was accused of double standards and not being able to make a distinction between his political work and his professional job. He could not produce any evidence to show where he had, even once, objected to the abuse of the station by the PPP.Officials, including Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Molly Hassan, and Mark Archer, Communications Director in the Ministry of the Presidency, along with auditors, met with the staffers.Jaffarally was a candidate for the former ruling party, the People’s Progressive Party/Civic, for the May 11, 2015 elections. He also was a Member of Parliament during the 10th Parliament for the PPP/C and had been a main face in the lead-up to the elections.Jafarally said that he was summoned to a meeting recently and told that there was no place for him and that he should resign or be dismissed. “I informed them that I had done nothing wrong and will not resign. So they exercised that option of dismissal.”Hassan said that NCN was not satisfied with the performance of Jaffarally.Jaffarally who is unqualified for the position since he does not have any qualifications in Management or Communication has been embroiled in a number of scandals over the years involving the same NCN Berbice operations. He would hire and fire staff and although not working he would still be signing those people’s names and collecting their monthly salaries. One such story in which he used to sign for a driver who was employed by the PPP and collect a monthly salary, was carried in the media a few years ago.According to Hassan,Wholesale Jerseys, the Berbice operations have not been profitable for a long time.  However according to an inside source the Berbice operation should be the most profitable section of the entire Berbice operations.However, the operation was a one-man show and most of the money has been unaccounted for.According to Hassan, “We must therefore have the skills available…competent personnel.”Jafarally’s termination would come one day after two Editors from the Georgetown headquarters, were handed letters sending them home following an internal investigation into what management deemed as a misappropriation of funds.The incident was one which occurred during the elections campaign. It is reported that the Editors produced fake receipts for hotel accommodation. Those fired are Senior Editor, Edward Layne and Radio Editor, Adele Rampersaud.Kaieteur News was informed that NCN Management became suspicious of some receipts that were presented for accommodation in Bartica for the news team that covered a PPP/C rally. Once the investigation started, the company’s auditors travelled to Bartica and made checks at the hotel.Kaieteur News understands that a hotel staffer “revealed” that Layne only paid for two double-bed rooms, but requested receipts for eight single rooms.The coalition Government which won a close race in the May 11 General and Regional Elections has vowed to clean up NCN, the Government Information Agency (GINA) and the Guyana Chronicle,Cheap Jerseys From China Online, because of widespread abuse of resources and mismanagement.Already, the Head of GINA, Neaz Subhan, has resigned.The David Granger administration has vowed to make state institutions more professional, removing political influence in sweeping reforms.Jaffarally, along with Permanent Secretary of the Public Service Ministry, Hydar Ally,holesale Soccer Jerseys, was recently   involved in the Election Campaign and was only recently leading   the failed protest march against the Guyana Government at Whim Corentyne Berbice.The two men were on a live television programme on NCN in Berbice talking how the APNU/AFC regime was a murderous one with ‘plenty’ blood on its hands.Jaffarally was on one occasion involved in a road accident. The man,Nike Vapor Max Plus Triple Black, through his lawyer Attorney at law Charrandass Persaud, had threatened to take the matter to court. The victim subsequently received$50,Cheap Jerseys For Sale,000 compensation in tranches.Jaffarally at the time of that accident was driving a white Toyota Carina 192 Motor Car belonging to NCN Berbice and used exclusively by him. Jaffarally had struck the man in the vicinity of Freedom House at Main and Cheddi Jagan Street.

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