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Post Wed Jul 18, 2018 8:29 pm

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Confident not only in a victory at the polls come November 28, the Peoples Progressive Party Civic (PPP/C) yesterday took their Election Campaign to the East Coast of Demerara where they rallied their supporters to push for and ensure a landslide.The Party’s Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar told the supporters in Lusignan,Cheap NFL Jerseys, numbering in the tens of thousands, that they are working towards and will this time around win Region Four at the polls.Region Four makes up the largest single voting constituency in Guyana and has traditionally been a Peoples National Congress Reform stronghold.Fresh off of launching the party’s manifesto the previous evening at the Princess Hotel, yesterday’s PPP/C presentation was void of any specific policy details but did see the re-emergence of Navin Chandarpaul on the big stage.The party also publicly welcomed to its midst the former President of the Guyana Trades Union Congress Gillian Burton as well as the contentious Bishop Juan Edgill who said that he will be voting with a clean conscience.He remarked that if Jesus (Christ) was in Guyana he too would also vote for the PPP/C.It was an entertaining night for the supporters who turned out at the Lusignan tarmac, as for each speaker who took to the podium, there was an artistic prelude.There were performances from the likes of Mahendra Ramkellawan, who has been performing his ‘Dem a watch we’ rendition as well as Vanilla, Jomo ‘Rubberwaist’ Primo, Princess Fiona and the Shakti Strings Orchestra among others.The night also saw some scathing attacks on the Opposition,NFL Jerseys China, namely David Granger, Raphael Trotman, Khemraj Ramjattan and Dr Rupert Roopnarine.Head-of-State Bharrat Jagdeo also took time out of his presentation to again ‘cuss out’ the media.Attacks were also leveled against Attorney-at-Law Nigel Hughes and Tacuma Ogunseye.First to take the podium last evening was Trade Unionist Gillian Burton who said that she wanted for the last time to clear the air on who she is supporting and why.The Chairperson for the evening Minister of Culture Youth and Sport, Dr. Frank Anthony reminded the audience that the ‘Jaganite’ traditions were alive and well in the party and that they must not allow A Partnership for National Unity (APNU) or the Alliance for Change to ‘choke and rob’ the democratic gains that the country has made.Dr Anthony, in his introduction of Burton, took the opportunity to point out that embracing her is an illustration of the PPP/C commitment to the working class of people in Guyana.Burton declared her support for the PPP/C Presidential Candidate and in the process took swipes of her own at the GTUC executives.After declaring her endorsement for a Donald Ramotar-led administration the trade unionist declared, “Case closed, end of matter.”Responding to some of the criticism she has had to face recently since going public with her support for the PPP/C, Burton in a message to Granger said that she is no longer the President of the GTUC.Granger had chided Burton for her support for the PPP/C and said that she would have to answer to her fellow workers whose rights she had signed on to fight for.In a message also to her detractors who she pointed out would want to criticize and say that she did not achieve much, Burton listed some of the successes she has had as a result of exchanges with Jagdeo.PPP/C Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar as he arrived at the Lusignan RallyShe said what was not achieved is a result of the “vindictive and egotistical” Executive of the GTUC.Burton endorsed the Low Carbon Development Strategy as an excellent programme for Guyana as well as the National Competitiveness Strategy, which she says had bode well for Guyana thus far as well as the One Laptop Per Family Programme, which she says will bridge the generation gap in the country.She said that she embraces the programmes that the PPP/C have developed for Guyana and particularly the attention paid to the country’s youth, adding that it is not the job for geriatrics.“PPP/C, are you ready to rumble,” Burton charged as her final remarks to the Lusignan gathering.Declared as a Buxtonian,Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale, Odinga Lumumba took to the stage with the mission of pulverizing APNU and the Alliance for Change.Lumumba took the sledge to Granger saying that he has to answer to the people of Guyana as to whether the blood of the innocent was not on his hands.The former PNC stalwart told those gathered that the PPP/C was in the final stages of the crusade that was started by the Late Cheddi Jagan and APNU was just an obstacle in the way of progress.Lumumba in his vile attack on APNU called it a representative of Lucifer, who is the God of evil, and warned that Granger is a dictator in his own right and is a hypocrite.No Government can be good, Lumumba said, when it takes away the right to vote, adding that this was something taken away from Guyanese when elections were rigged and that Granger was a part of the process.He urged Granger to come clean on what he called “blood on his hands.”Lumumba reminded those present that while Granger was a senior member of the Army, the basic rights of Guyanese were being taken away, adding that even in “Nazi Germany the Jews had bread.“Under the PNC Guyana was the duncest country in the Caribbean,” Lumumba charged as he continued his tirade.Anil Nandlall was his usual exuberant self as he pointed out to the thousands gathered that they are a reflection of a unified Guyana.The crowd that had gathered at Lusignan according to Nandlall was a true reflection of Guyanese as it had all races, gender and class of people.Nandlall urged Guyanese to unite, saying that too much time is spent by the nation’s people fighting each other and in the process limiting the country from reaching its true potential.According to the PPP/C Executive Member,NFL Jerseys From China, the Late Cheddi Jagan must be resting in peace because his dream of a united Guyana is becoming a reality, adding that with racial unity,Cheap Adidas Hockey Jerseys, Guyana can elevate itself from the status of Third World Country.Other speakers at last evening’s rally included the Presidential Candidate Donald Ramotar,Jerseys From China, who promised to continue building on the progress that the country has made; Navin Chanderpal and Prime Ministerial Candidate Samuel Hinds.

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