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Tambico McKenzie, a 29-year-old construction worker of 29 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, and William Evans,China NFL Jerseys, 24, of 444 East Ruimveldt Housing Scheme, appeared in the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Judy Latchman, yesterday, to answer a charge of robbery. It was alleged that on February 6, last,cheap nfl jerseys china, while at Caneview Avenue, South Ruimveldt Park, the pair, armed with a knife, robbed Marissa Hohenkirk of her Apple iPhone,  one gold chain, a gold and diamond ring and three gold bands.Police Prosecutor, Inspector Shellon Daniels,China Jerseys NFL Wholesale, objected to bail because of the serious nature of the offence. Daniels told the court that the suspects were arrested after the victim herself ran them over with her car, soon after she was robbed. She claimed that the men were searched and the stolen items were found on them. Daniels further claimed that both of the men admitted to committing the robbery.McKenzie and Evans,Cheap Jerseys Wholesale, however, provided the court with a different tale.The unrepresented pair both pleaded not guilty to the charges read to them, and explained that they were forced and even threatened by the police to sign statements admitting their guilt.When asked about the cast around his neck, McKenzie told the Magistrate that the officers at the East La Penitence police station hit him in his head repeatedly.“They beat we fuh sign de statement. De officers at the lockups, they beat me and me friend. I have a sprain ankle,Cheap Jerseys China, too”, McKenzie explained to the Magistrate.Evans also explained that while at the police station, the officers took away his $5000 and a New Testament that he hand in his possession, and told him, that he has nothing to get back. He claims that one officer even held his head over a gutter, and told him that he would kill him if he did not sign the statement admitting his guilt.The Magistrate explained to the men that everything they said in the courtroom has been recorded,Discount Football Jerseys, but bail was refused. The pair was remanded to prison, and the matter has been adjourned until February 20, when statements are to be made available to the court.

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