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Post Sat Jan 20, 2018 7:19 am

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De budget come out and some old people smile because dem gun get $600 more when de month come. Some of dem start trusting before dem get one cent,Cheap NFL Jerseys China. One seh how de money gun buy dental powder fuh she plate because she coulda never afford. Some of dem gun be able to drink a soft drink and still get change. Dem couldn’t afford that too.When Shaatie start fuh talk bout Old Age pension nuff old people stop doing everything just fuh listen. Some of dem stop couple car fuh listen to dem car radio. Couple car ain’t got windscreen because when Shaatie announce $600 more pun dem pension one lady tek she walking stick and lash de car. Some decide fuh walk to parliament and meet Shaatie,Wholesale Cheap Jerseys. Dem want beat he tail.Dem boys seh that wha save de man was that people couldn’t walk fast and de traffic light slow dem down too. By de time some of dem reach Parliament Shaatie done gone. Dem old people planning to guh to he wuk place.Dem ain’t de only ones who plan to ketch Shaatie and deal wid he. De whole of Linden coming to town. But dem boys notice that de Linden people gun spend more money and dem ain’t got wuk already. Some of dem gun dead,Wholesale Jerseys. De government push up de light bill suh high fuh dem that if dem use to pay five dollar dem got to pay forty dollar.But dem boys seh that all of that ain’t too bad. Dem was sorry fuh dem people in Parliament who had to sit down fuh three hours and hear a man talk nuff words and mean nutten. Some of dem sleep and wake up and de man still talking,Wholesale NFL Jerseys. De only thing he didn’t talk bout was Bharrat Jagdeo but he talk bout all dem project that start and done and start over,China Jerseys For Sale.Uncle Donald didn’t understand some of de things wha deh in de budget. He was waiting fuh hear bout ‘Other’ and ‘Whuh duh’ and ‘Ledda’,Wholesale MLB Jerseys 2018. Shaatie mek sure that he didn’t mention dem words.Talk half and brace youself fuh de other half

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