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Post Sat Jan 20, 2018 6:24 am
De news come out. Bucket announce that dem sending an ambassador to Kuwait and is not Kwame. Dem boys seh that it was to be Kwame but when Prince William announce he engagement and Bharrat decide that he sending Kwame as de gift de had to find another ambassador.She didn’t call de name but dem boys seh that is Ambassador Dabydeen. He is de man who nominate Bharrat fuh de Nobel Prize and although Bharrat lose de nomination Dabydeen get he reward,Cheap NFL Jerseys China. Is de same Dabydeen who get de nod to Kuwait.He is now Dabydeen al Short Man al Smart.Back home Manny de Ram trying fuh get a national award,NFL Jerseys China. He invite de whole world fuh light up he Christmas tree. Everybody got a real tree and he got one mek out of wire.Dem boys gun tun up because de drinks gun flow like water. Last year was de same thing,Wholesale NFL Jerseys. De licker cost more than de tree and de lights and even de light bill that come in.De licks that share after then was a joy to behold,Cheap Jerseys. Nuff big man cry,Cheap NFL Jerseys China. Bharrat get vex suh Manny de Ram spend de whole year begging fuh de money,Jerseys NBA Cheap China. He boasting that this year he gun mek de Courts lights look like stupidness.Talk half,NFL Jerseys China. Lef half.

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