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Police are still to question an automobile dealer who is fingered in the alleged abduction of Brazilian Francisco Nascimento.Kaieteur News understands that investigators had contacted the auto dealer by telephone and informed him that he was wanted for questioning in connection with the allegation.According to a source, the businessman indicated that he would have presented himself for questioning yesterday,Wholesale Jerseys Free Shipping, but failed to do so.The five men who allegedly abducted Nascimento on the businessman’s orders remain in custody. They have reportedly confirmed that they are employees of the auto dealer, but denied abducting Nascimento.Kaieteur News was told that the Brazilian is also now giving conflicting statements about the incident.Kaieteur News understands that Nascimento, a miner has been operating in Guyana for the past 12 years and three years ago he entered into an agreement with the auto dealer for the purchase of a mini bus.He reportedly made a down payment of $900,Cheap Jerseys For Sale,000 and took possession of the bus which he subsequently took to Brazil.However,Cheap China Jerseys Authentic, the vehicle soon developed some mechanical and electrical problems and Nascimento defaulted on his payments.The auto dealer,Jerseys NFL China, using his repossession men,Wholesale Jerseys, began to track down the Brazilian and eventually caught up with him in Georgetown on Sunday last.According to a police source,China Jerseys, five men from the auto dealer’s repossession crew snatched the Brazilian and forced him into a car.They reportedly took him to an East Coast Demerara house where they interrogated him about the vehicle and the money he owed.He remained under guard at the house until he agreed to return the bus.Nascimento reportedly sent a woman to bring the vehicle back to Guyana but Brazilian law enforcement officials detained her after she failed to produce the relevant documents for the vehicle.This was relayed to Nascimento who was now compelled to go to Brazil himself accompanied by the ‘seize men’ to bring the bus back across the border.But word of his abduction reached the police who subsequently received information that Nascimento had been escorted to Brazil by his abductors.Police at the border were alerted and they arrested the men upon their return to Guyana at Lethem.

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