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Boxing 1900-1970

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One Response to Boxing 1900-1970

  • Royden Greaves says:

    good morning . viewing your 1900-1970 list of boxers . i have 4 original posters from 1938 .the venue drill hall mold feb 23 vince homulas . canada V ray wood . manchester .sammy holms . salford V chris butler. liverpool march 16 1938 jim chadwick. bolton V danny mack. liverpool – oct 26 1938 ray wood manchester V vince homulas . canada – sammy holmes . salford V billy graham. liverpool . also 1938 dec 23 . 1938 tommy miller. burnley. V sammy holmes salford – tommy tuley manchester V billy griffiths . liverpool mold was a good venue in the 30s-40s for pro boxing . yours insport boyog