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The Manchester Ex-Boxers Association website has been set up with funding directly from the Manchester Ex-Boxers Association. The site is considered a necessary platform on which to record the history and achievements  of Manchester Boxing and its boxers. There is a fantastic story to be told and we hope you will enjoy reading these pages.

Manchester has long been the sporting capital of the U.K. Some people might contest that and they probably will, however, when you put aside our football clubs which have done quite well over the years and take a look at what Manchester boxers have achieved over the last one hundred years from superstars like Jackie Brown to Ricky Hatton Manchester takes some beating. The site is also aimed at keeping members up to date with the associations ongoing activities and will keep you informed of forthcoming events taking place which you may wish to attend. There will be newsletters, debates, discussions and functions taking place and all members will have the facility of contributing and taking part in them. Biographys of boxers lives and careers will be common additions and we hope to build this site in order that there is an extensive library of information available for anyone to access. We hope you enjoy using the Manchester Ex-Boxers Association website as much as we enjoyed creating it!